Welcome to the USS Bradley
User Photo Gallery

Welcome to the USS Bradley Photo Gallery, an open source PHP/MySql user created photo gallery, kinda like Facebook compleate with comments. First lets start off with some do's and dont's as well how to register. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED IN ORDER TO POST PHOTOS

  1. You each have 10MB of space for your images (if you need more ask (it is very easy to increaase and is done on the group level). If you like, you may also have your very own Gallery.
  2. Images MUST be under 2MB in size - that is a server limitation - also we only have 500MB to work with so please keep your photos images (photos can be large just make sure the SIZE is small) small.
  3. The best images sizes are about 800 x 600 px and 72dpi
  4. Registration is a MUST. After Registration you will get emails notifing you of your active status. you can post images, documents, movies etc...AFTER the admin approves your registration.
  5. Admin will approve photos BEFORE they can bee seen by members of the group/Gallery
  6. No inappropriate photos - you all know what that means - if we do find photos inappropriate we have the right to remove them.
    This system keeps track of who posted what photo so you will also be banned from from the posting pages.
  7. There are currently 2 albums you can post to. If you post ot the PUBLIC Gallery then the Public can see it. If you post to the Bradley Gallery ONLY registed and approved users will be able to view the images. If you Just want to view PUBLIC Gallery Photos you can Just go there.

    View Gallery

This is a "menu" driven system, go to the Gallery page and click on register to register.

Using the Gallery:

Adding a photo to the Gallery and Creating your own Album:
Under the menu option "upload" is an option to add an album or a photo(s). You MUST select an album to post to (or create your own album).

ONLY THE PUBLIC Album will be viewable by all people.
Additional Galleries will be added as needed by the Gallery Administrator.

Access Photo Gallery Here:

Register 02/22/17 - Registration Is now open again with a new Google ReCaptcha.